Do you know which treatment method is gaining its actual place by leaps and bounds? If you don’t know, I think this is the prefect article which you should read. Via this article, I will tell you about one prominent treatment method that can cure your health woes easily from the roots. I know, we have so many options to cure our health woes but, do you know that some of the treatment methods can cause side effects? Yes, if you search about those medicines which you usually consume, you will understand that how much you are taking your health for granted.

This article is the helpful to learn about that one particular medicine which can cure your health woes. Actually, there are many ayurvedic medicines but the one I am going to talking about is one of the prominent medicines to heal our health woes. The medicine on which we are going to discuss today is abhrak bhasma.

Abhrak bhasma is the medicine which can cure our health woes way better than some of medicines. As per the Ayurveda, abhrak bhasma is the most prominent and one of the most common medicines which used in many ayurvedic medicines. Via this astonishing medicine we can get rid of many diseases. Mentioned below are some of the diseases that can be easily cured with this.

Abhrak bhasma to cure health woes

Abhrak bhasma is calcined mica ash used to cure respiratory diseases as per Ayurveda. Along with this it can cure mental problems, abdominal diseases and many more. This medicine is prepared through the process of calcination.

  1. Migraine– If you think that you are the only person who is suffering from migraine, let me tell you that you are not alone. Studies show that about 12 percent people of United States get this disease. Migraine is recurring attacks to moderate severe pain. But, you don’t have to worry, this is a curable condition and you can do that with the help of abhrak bhasma.
  2. Parkinson’s disease– Parkinson’s diseases is a type of movement disorders. It happens when the nerve cells in the brain don’t produce enough of a brain chemical which is known as “dopamine”. Some people get this because of genetics, but exposure to the chemical in the environment can also play a role to get this. If you are suffering from this, use abhrak bhasma. Abhrak bhasma for health is one of the best medicines that you can use.
  3. Acidity– it is the condition which is known as an excess or imbalance of digestive acids that is produced by the stomach and can cause a stomach ache, gas nausea or bad breath. This is the most common condition which can be cured easily with abhrak bhasma. Abhrak bhasma is made of abhrak which known to cure some of the stomach related problems easily.
  4. Jaundice– Jaundice is a term used to describe a yellowish tinge to the skin and whites to skin. Jaundice itself is not a disease but it is a symptom of several possible underlying diseases. This is a condition which indicates a serious problem with the red blood cells.

The reason behind its effectiveness is its properties and ingredients. As I already mentioned that it is made of abhrak. So, read below to know about its properties.

Properties of abhrak bhasma

  • Anti-atherosclerosis
  • Anta-acid
  • Anti-depressant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Cardio-tonic
  • Powerful cellular generator
  • Heart tonic
  • General body tonic
  • Hematogenic
  • Hepato- protective

So, it was all about the properties and the benefits of abhrak bhasma. The reason I have shared about this astounding medicine is to make you understand that there is nothing which can cure your health woes better than ayurvedic medicines. health benefits of abhrak bhasma are umpteen and I think after reading this, you all are might be understood.

If you are suffering from any of these diseases which I have mentioned above, you can consume abhrak bhasma without thinking anything. Abhrak bhasma is the medicine which is made of abhrak and abhrak is safe to consume when it comes to cure these types of health woes. So, try to use ayurvedic medicines rather than allopathic medicines.

If you are planning to start using this medicine so, read the doses amount of abhrak bhasma.

Doses of abhrak bhasma for health

You should not consume this medicine more than 125mg to 250mg twice a day. It will be great if you consume your medicine as per your condition. For that, you should consult to your healthcare provider right before you want to start consuming this medicine.

Other than its doses, there is nothing which you have to take care of this medicine. This is safe to use but it is good for pregnant and lactating mothers. So, use this medicine and make yourself healthy and disease free.

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