Sciatica generally refers to a pain which is generally caused by the spinal disc herniation. The condition of sciatica generally goes down to the leg from lower back. It is estimated by the scientists that nearly 90% of the patients get sciatica due to herniation of disk. It is most often seen that the pain generally occurs one side of the body however in few cases it may also occur both side of the body simultaneously. SciaticaMost of the patient may experience numbness and weakness on various parts of the foot and leg. Sciatica is not itself a disease as it is a kind of symptom of pain. Sciatica pain generally occurs in the dermatome and goes below the knee to the feet. Sometimes it may belong to neurological dysfunction.

Most of the patient having problem of sciatica don’t know that they have the condition. They think that the pain is normal nothing else. If you have the pain of lower back that goes down to feet then you might suffer from the condition of sciatica. Don’t ignore your lower back pain as it could be dangerous for your health.

What is the Cause of sciatica?

There are numbers of reasons have associated with the condition of sciatica. One of the most common causes of the occurrence of sciatica is spinal disc herniation. 90 or more percentage of people suffers from this this condition due to spinal disc herniation. Remaining 10 percent of the cases are caused by the numbers of different factors such pelvic tumour, pregnancy, Piriformis syndrome, spinal stenosis and spondylolisthesis. These are the some common causes that can lead to the occurrence of sciatic. It is extremely common with 40s and 50s aged people. Men are more prone to it than women.

Sciatica pain for SciaticaThere are some underlying causes have involved that can help you to determine whether you have this condition or not. Sciatica is all about the pain. Lower back pain is an extremely common indication of sciatica. A constant ache around the infected area, feeling numbness and weakness on the leg, difficult moving your affected area, continuous pain one side of the leg and burning down to the leg are the few common signs and symptom of sciatica.

There are different kinds of treatment options available that can be used for the getting rid of sciatica. The treatment options such as medication, surgery, alternative medicines and natural therapy can be used for curing the condition of sciatica. These are the very common healing options available that you can use.

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