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brain HemorrhageBrain Haemorrhage or brain bleed is a kind of stroke which occurs within the brain tissues. This is one of the very common diseases throughout the world considering the fact millions of people gets this disease every year. Both men and women are at the risk of developing the condition of brain bleed. There are numbers of factors have been involved that can lead to the brain bleed. The factors that can cause brain bleed are High blood pressure, diabetes, severe migraine and skull fracture. These factors can lead to the development of brain bleed but there is a most prominent danger exists in the form of smoking that can make your situation more vulnerable with the condition of brain bleed. A numbers of experts believe that brain stroke is much more common in woman who smokes compare to the non-smokers females.

Warning for Women Smokers

stop smokingA recent study has warned all the female smokers by releasing a fact that woman smoke too much is 8 to 9 times more likely to develop brain bleed than who don’t smoke. Numerous studies have found that any kinds of smoking can increase your risk to the cerebral haemorrhage. Excessive smoking has the influencive effect on your estrogen level as it may decrease estrogen level and the decrease estrogen level degrade vessel walls and make them more prone to brain bleed. Even if you are a woman who smokes mildly or moderately then you are also at the higher risk of developing the brain bleed. The danger will more increase if you have the other condition which influences brain bleed such as high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus and many other ailments.

How Can We Reduce The Risk of Brain Bleed By Stop Smoking?

This study has conducted by the lindbohm and colleagues. They have collected data on approximately 66,000 adults since 1972. In the researchers have found that the people who smoke 11 to 20 cigarettes a day females are three time more likely to brain bleed comparing to the female who don’t smoke. stop smokingResearchers have also found that the patient who quit smoking effectively reduced the risk of brain bleed or cerebral haemorrhage. After spending six month without smoking the risk factor of the occurrence of brain bleed decreased down to non-smokers. It is also found by the numerous experts that age factor and sedentary life style or bad lifestyle can also increase the risk of brain bleed. We have to admit that there is no safe level of smoking. If you smoking mildly you are increasing your probabilities of developing the condition of brain bleed. So, quitting smoking is the only way that can help you decrease your probabilities of developing the condition of brain bleed.

Smoking is very harmful for our body and health. It may also a very big reason for causing Brain Haemorrhage or Brain Bleed. It is advised to all persons that quit smoking as soon as posible.

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